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FIFA+, FIFA's new streaming platform

There are many different ways for soccer fans to watch the world's different leagues, but it's not easy to know what they're all about. Now FIFA will be able to satisfy everyone with its new platform.

Indeed, FIFA may be about to change the rules of the game: with its new streaming platform, FIFA+, users will no longer have to look for alternatives to existing pay solutions, or even to use the "pay-per-view" option. VPN to watch a match.

The aim is to create a unified platform that will initially offer no less than 40,000 matches per one, from all over the world. Of course, the 5 major leagues are not involved for the moment, due to the colossal sums involved in broadcasting rights.

The new FIFA+ platform will not only offer matches, subscribers will also be entitled to documentaries, as well as past matches that have marked the history of soccer, and results and statistics on every official match in the world, which is just enormous.

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